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  1. My First Love and Sex Partner

    Hi! I'm Stuly. I enjoy love and sex.. It's natural for a healthy young attractive woman like me to want the attention of charming and handsome men. Its also natural for men to lust after a woman. There is nothing wrong with men and women desiring or approaching each other as long as the feelings are mutual, limits are observed, and nobody is being inconvenienced. I enjoy the whole process of getting to know each other and dating and doing things together, but the ultimate between a man and a ...
  2. Wild Nite with BBW Ling - part 2

    As Ling regains her consious, I look into her sex-tisfying face and planted a soft kiss. The kiss from soft tuns into passionate, as I withdraw my fingers from her groin and hugged her real tight.

    She broke the kiss and said: "Let's shower..."

    She stood up, leaving away from my thigh, showing a wet patch on my jeans where she sat. Man, I'm still with my pants on~! Quickly, I unbuckle my belt and she helps me jerk off my jeans as I lean backwards onto the bed. Off came
  3. My darling, you were wonderful tonight.

    It was 7pm and I am still in office
    JJ texted me: “DD, I want a BEAR HUG… XOXO”.
    “Sure… give me 30min. And I’ll give you more than a HUG!” I texted back.

    I shut down my PC and packed my stuffs
    Work can leave it to tomorrow
    A gal needed some assistance from me

    I start my car ignition and zoom away
    She was waiting for me when I reach her block
    She hopped into my car
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  4. Escape in Shenzhen - part 2

    The morning came. I don’t have to go office. I’m in Shenzhen, China. I’m still in bed with my lovely China lover, or I thought. I turned my head to glance at the clock. The time read 7:00. Still in a daze as I got the feeling of the familiar twitching of 'morning wood'. But somehow, today the twitching felt different. As I gradually woke up more and my head began to register the time, the twitching and everything
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  5. Escape in Shenzhen - part 1

    How good can it be when you are on a business trip sponsored by the company, and yet, you call up your lover and stay in together for a good 3 days. Well... I got such luck when my company send me to Shenzhen, China. Beside carrying out my work, I got to meet my China lover and had a wonderful 3 nights.

    The story goes...

    We came back from dinner. When we hit back to our room, we were fooling around. We kissed
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